05.May 2019


Did you know, that Swedes are some of the world’s biggest coffee drinkers. Yeah, Café culture is huge in Sweden. Many cafés will stay open until the early hours & the Swedes make Fika (coffee breaks) a regular part of their day. To your next visit in Stockholm, here some tops spots where to take the traditional Swedish coffee break, fika and places with lunch offers. All with a typical reduced style and relaxed Scandinavian feeling.

1. Café Fabrique – special bread

This café specialises in a wide range of bread and you can also order your favourite bread – for a weekend brunch, for example. They have many varieties of rye bread, Levain, Danish rye bread, loaf of Gotland, spelled bread and besides the really great breads there are also great looking pastries. There are several factory branches in Stockholm, so many routes should include a detour and one or two delicacies!

2. Haymarket- coffee drinking or staying overnight in the 1920s

One of the trendiest places to go and have a “fika” in all of Stockholm. The legendary PUB department store has gradually developed into a hotel. Haymarket by Scandic appreciates the tradition and the hotel is lovingly kept in the style of the 1920s. The cocktail bar in the spirit of Art Deco inspires with its details and the prevailing atmosphere and the café “Gretas” next door is a tribute to Greta Garbo, who worked in the department store before her career as a film star. Here the Stockholmers meet for a glass of wine. It is also worth mentioning that you cannot pay in cash at the café. Only EC and credit cards are accepted. In the hotel rooms there is a charm of the good old days, spiced up with all the amenities of today. (Hötorget 13-15.)

3. Green Rabbit

Celebrated chefs Mathias Dahlgren and Martin Berg are behind this innovative bakery, where organic ingredients and sustainability are front and center. In addition to bread and baked goods, the Green Rabbit bakery offers breakfast, Swedish varieties of Danish smørrebrød sandwiches and soup for lunch. Playfulness and curiosity set the standard, with great results for both the eyes and the taste buds. Swedish bread culture is nurtured here, while the food experience is spread to a broader audience.

Green Rabbit Stockholm Piritta Sillan

4. Markthalle – Swedish lunch

There are good restaurants for lunch in the Östermalmer Markthalle. The old market hall is currently being renovated and therefore the traders were accommodated in a spacious room right next to the construction site until next summer. The modern interim solution, although only a temporary solution, is really atmospheric and chic. It’s worth stopping by here! (Östermalmstorg)

stockholm saluhall piritta sillan

Photography © Piritta Sillan