Growing up in the Finnish archipelago, the ocean and the thousands of islands along the coastline were always present. When the greyness of winter brings a certain calmness or the sky when bad weather is rolling in. These are the landscapes I know by heart – the lines and patterns, the soft shapes and sharp crevasses. The scenery out there is like a poem changing rhythm while being read, unpredictable yet resting in inherent beauty. My paintings are an ode to that landscape and nordic mood, each painting will take you to a different season or time of day. All bringing a sense of calm to your home. All the original paintings either watercolor on high quality paper or acrylic paint on canvas.

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Please send me a message via this contact form below or email me at hello@pirittasillan.com. You can write me in English, German, Swedish or in Finnish.

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Sincerely, Piritta

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